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Why LED Neon is Changing the Commercial Sign Industry

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Why LED Neon is Changing the Commercial Sign Industry

The business sign landscape is changing, thanks to the extremely efficient and eco-friendly LED signs that are pushing traditional signs out the door. In addition to high visibility and impact, commercial LED lighting products have a bevy of benefits that are helping them transform the commercial sign industry.

LED is Lightweight

The lightweight nature of LED signage is a boon when it comes to size and placement. Unlike traditional signs that depend on heavy backings and fluorescent or neon tubes, signs that use LED neon light illumination feature a lightweight LED backlit panel and other lightweight components.

This makes it possible to hang even the largest commercial LED lighting products in places one would never dare put a heavier traditional sign for risk of damage to the sign or the structure. Businesses can go wild with the overall dimensions of the sign as well as with the placement.

LED Lasts Longer, Saves Money

The lifespan of the average LED is at least 25,000 hours, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That means fewer and less frequent bulb replacements. LEDs also use much less electricity than neon, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The decreased electricity use and increased lifespan can add up to substantial savings for business owners over the lifetime of their sign. If the entire nation were to make the switch to LED lighting, Department of Energy estimates put the savings in the ballpark of $250 billion.

LED is Adaptable

Businesses that invest in a traditional sign are pretty much stuck with that sign’s verbiage and layout, no matter what changes the business may make. New phone numbers, locations, prices, color schemes or logos result in either a costly reconfiguration of the entire sign or investing in an entirely new sign altogether. Changing neon lighted channel letters can be a major hassle and investment.

LED signs can deliver the same impact as neon lighted channel letters, but they can also be easily reconfigured to change the phone number, location, prices and any other information a business needs to change. LED neon light illumination and LED backlit panel can even be adapted to change colors, thanks to their spectrum of blue, green and red lighting that can be adjusted to produce the desired effect.

ever, in the bedroom, it is generally not appropriate to choose red light and neon lights with large flashing as decoration, which is easy to cause restlessness.

We should choose lamps and lanterns according to our artistic interests and living conditions, and also cooperate with other furniture to purchase. We should consider cleaning dust and changing light bulbs (tubes). Don't buy those that are easy to stick dust and difficult to clean, and don't buy those that need to be completely disassembled after the bulb (tube) is broken.



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